About School


Having registration no. 1543. Our one branch is situated at Nehru Nagar, Maitri Vihar, Supela, Bhilai and the other at Jaimal Bhawan, Near Post Office & Dream City Bhilai -3.

These are co-education English and Hindi Medium Schools (Residential / Non residential) working on the latest educational approach for all round development of our school children.

We have introduced group study basically for primary standard which is quite different from the present schooling system. It will develop the sense of competitive spirit, mutual co- operation and confidence at a very early stage among our school children. It further, makes our student very confident, ambitious and fit to penetrate the competitive fort of the modern age.

The school believes in giving quality education and as such has all the infrastructure facilities like well equipped science and computer lab, facility for sports, gymnastic, dance and music and a good library etc.